04 Jun 2020
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By: Piyush
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The diamonds of Rounds 1.00-1.25 cts, G-H colour are running quite fine.
Latest post: diamondgeek-30 Dec 2012 17:29 Replies: 3
By: Admin
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Rounds 1.00-1.25 cts, G-H colour , with IF-VVS2 clarity and good makes is selling very well . 0.005 to 0.15 carat; 1/4-3/8 , white colour with I1 – I3 clarity ; 1/2-3/4, white colour with I1 – I3 clarity, including goods for treatment ; 1/2-3/4, white colour with I1 – I3 clarity 1- 5 cts, white colour along with SI to I3 clarity 1-5 cts, white colour along with SI to I3 were recorded with a good demand in the market.1/4-3/4, from D to J colour with SI+ clarity and good make , recorded a good demand but mainly from the local Mumbai market . 2.00+ cts (excluding 5.00 cts), D-L / SI1+, good makes, no black I1 – I 3 has strong demand in the market . 1/5 is running a bit slow . However in the case of Rounds - 5.00 cts, a significant slowdown is noted, following the very steep rise in prices for this range since November 2007, resulting in buyers preferring smaller or larger goods.
Latest post: Admin-17 Mar 2008 03:50 Replies: 0
By: Admin
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Emeralds and Stabbes (wide baguettes), 1/4-3/4, D-J colour with VS+ clarity and Emeralds, Pears, Marquises and Hearts, 3.00+ cts, H-J colour with VS+ clarity were recorded with decent sales. Marquises, Pears, and Hearts, 1/4-3/4, H-J colour with VS+ clarity are running in a good demand . Asschers, 3.00+ cts, I-K colour along with VVS and VS clarity were recorded with an average selling .
Latest post: guptav1980-03 Jun 2010 11:22 Replies: 1
By: diamondking
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WE NEED ROUND FROM VVS TO SI AND D TO H color in igi and hrd cert from 0.5 to 1.50 cts pls send me the information. Burhani diamonds. kuwait. tel 00965 5619256. email- mudarring@yahoo.com
Latest post: diamondking-24 Apr 2008 13:38 Replies: 0
By: diamondking
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we need round 0.25 d to f color If-vvs at 45% off with igi cert 15 pcs pls reply me.Burhani diamonds kuwait tel 00965 5619256 email- mudarring@yahoo.com
Latest post: diamondking-24 Apr 2008 13:42 Replies: 0
By: hamtramck
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I am working with a diamond mine facilitator in South Africa that is working to export/distribution a large quantity of diamonds to already established buyers across the US. Needing JV Partner for this project. Please contact for more detailed information including the Executive Summary of the project. I will also set up a conference call with the project principal for more information if needed.. Thank you, Laura McClure LMI & Associates LLC Lmiassoc1@aol.com
Latest post: grounesh-07 Feb 2017 06:55 Replies: 1
By: Diafon
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We present new version of Diamond calculator Diafon.


Now you can get Rapaport price list directly to your cell phone and make calculations.

You can get worldwide phone book of diamond and jewelry industry.

You can add your contact info (short profile) into the phone book for free.

Latest post: ParagonIWM-17 Jul 2017 17:36 Replies: 4
By: smartneil
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The 4C’s that should be considered while buying loose diamond are: 1. Color - Color decides the amount of yellow touch in the diamond 2. Cut - Cut determines how the light is refracted from the diamond. 3. Clarity - Clarity determines the impurities or flaws in the diamond 4. Carat - Carat is the weight of the diamond The noteworthy site for loose diamonds is http://www.b2cjewels.com/loosediamonds.aspx It also provide interactive search which helps in the search of diamonds according to their characteristics and price http://www.b2cjewels.com/interactivesearchresult.aspx
Latest post: jewellery01-09 Nov 2017 16:24 Replies: 2
By: smartneil
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Diamond fluorescence is your diamond's reaction to ultraviolet light.But it is still not confirmed whether fluorescence helps or hurts. Some unscrupulous jewelers pull a mind trick, showing you how "perfect" your diamond is as it turns blue under UV! UV lighting is not how we view normally diamonds, so it's a waste of time. These stones might look whiter in fluorescent lighting than they really are. A little bit of blue fluorescence is acceptable, but only in diamonds on the yellow side. Experts claim fluorescence makes a clear diamond appear cloudy in sunlight. You don't want a diamond engagement ring with fluorescence if your diamond is clear. The GIA cert indicates if there's diamond fluorescence. Loose diamonds with higher diamond fluorescence sell for less price than diamonds with no fluorescence. In a test done by GIA, they claimed "experts could not agree on the effects of fluorescence from one loose diamond to the next diamond. Most felt that strongly blue fluorescent diamonds
Latest post: lawrence-30 Dec 2012 17:36 Replies: 1
By: smartneil
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Diamonds consists of pure carbon, starting as coal many years ago, heated into carbon crystals, which are very tightly packed groupings. Each carbon atom is nicely bonded with each other, so good luck trying to break that bond. This is what makes diamonds so hard, and loose diamonds are used as drills as they are harder than the substance they are drilling into.
Latest post: jewelryempire-15 Aug 2019 20:17 Replies: 5
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